The MATSITI team pay tribute to all our deadly teachers returning to classrooms this week to guide the learning and wellbeing of our young people.

We trust you had an enjoyable and refreshing break and are ready for the challenges of the new school semester.

To all beginning teachers we hope you find your chosen career rewarding and fulfilling. This is an exciting time for you individually and the profession collectively.

Teacher Nathan Agius with students at John Pirie High School
Teacher Nathan Agius with students at John Pirie High School
Leechelle Trott
Leechelle Trott, commencing her teaching career at Northfield Primary School

During  2013  the MATSITI team will build upon the outcomes of our national gathering last July of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers, and hope to work with many of you as beginning teachers over the year.

Some of the MATSITI  opportunities in 2013 include:

  • A national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander principals and school leaders conference
  • Significant co-investments with your departments and school authorities to improve Indigenous teacher recruitment, support and career development
  • invitation to apply for funding to support innovative projects in your school or professional network
  • and much more documented in the MATSITI 2013 Work Plan

So let us make the most of the opportunities and challenges in the year ahead as you enjoy the privilege of working with our young people and their families.

Professor Peter Buckskin PSM FACE
MATSITI Project Director


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