2015 Work Plan
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The MATSITI 2015 Work Plan outlines the key Project outcomes, strategies, performance measures (KPIs) and budget for the fourth and final year of the national More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative.

2015 MATSITI Work Plan strategies, key performance indicators and budget are streamed into a series of inter-related project activities:

  • Indigenous teacher workforce research and planning (establishing an evidence base);
  • Education partnerships (through sub-contracted investment agreements);
  • Communications and marketing (promotion of teaching as a career of choice);
  • Conferences and events (focus on teaching aspirations and school leadership in 2015);
  • Project governance (meetings and teleconferences for three governance groups);
  • Project evaluation (ongoing, to be expanded in 2015); and
  • Project management (such as salary and direct project costs).

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2015 Budget


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