University_Western_Sydney_162WHSC content in an 8 Ways framework is being developed collaboratively through a pilot program being conducted by the School of Education at the University of Western Sydney, Kingswood Campus, NSW.

A blog space is available at for teachers who are keen to use the Aboriginal 8 Ways pedagogy in their classrooms.

The collaborative space is led by Shirley Gilbert, leading teacher educator at UWS. Shirley is a member of the MATSITI-sponsored Australian Indigenous Lecturers in Teacher Education (AILITE) national network.

The intention is to offer materials and resources based on the 8 Ways framework, and share teacher stories, for each of the HSC curriculum options.

The Aboriginal 8 Ways to learning – Tell a story. Make a plan. Think and do. Draw it. Take it outside. Try a new way. Watch first, then do. Share it with others.

Graphic representation of the 8 ways model
The 8 Ways framework – image courtesy of Tyson Yunkaporta and NSW DEC

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