The success of the MATSITI project was due to the contributions of thousands of  individuals, communities, networks and organisations.

Sincere thanks to the following:

  • BHP: Professor Peter Buckskin, Professor Paul Hughes and Dr Kaye Price – project leadership and direction
  • MATSITI Indigenous Reference Group members – ensuring education and cultural integrity of the project
  • MATSITI Working Group members – supporting the implementation of the project
  • University of South Australia Project Advisory Team members – project financial governance
  • Peter Johnson and Annie Hollander – independent project evaluation
  • Australian Council of Deans of Education – leading reforms in schools and faculties of education
  • NSW Department of Education – leadership and mentoring in school employment reforms
  • Ernst and Young – quantitative teacher workforce datasets and analysis
  • MATSITI project leaders – 60 funding partnerships in total
  • Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet – project sponsor (2013-16)
  • Former Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (2011-2013)

Dedicated teachers, school leaders and system administrators,  managers of employment, teacher education students and lecturers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and many more!