Planning diagramMATSITI 2012-15 Project Plan and
Work Plans

The MATSITI 2012-15 Project Plan outlines the national strategy for 2012-15 and documented the scope, governance, reform priorities, project management arrangements and budget for the Initiative.

Download MATSITI 2012-15 Project Plan » (PDF)

2015 Work PlanAnnual MATSITI Work Plans

The MATSITI 2015 Work Plan specified key Project tasks, responsibilities, schedule and budget for the Initiative for 2015.

Download MATSITI 2015 Work Plan » (PDF)

MATSITI 2014 Work Plan (archive)

MATSITI 2013 Work Plan (archive)

MATSITI 2012 Work Plan (archive)

 Annual MATSITI Project Reports

Download MATSITI 2014 Progress Report » (PDF)

Download MATSITI 2013 Progress Report » (archive)

Download MATSITI 2012 Progress Report » (archive)

Download MATSITI 2011 Progress Report » (archive)

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