MATSITI-ACDE 2012 Workshop
Dean of Education Prof Jenny Gore and Head of Wollotuka Institute John Lester working on Newcastle University action plan, 2013

The Australian Council of Deans of Education (ACDE) with their member universities are continuing a National Tier One initiative to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation and completion in teacher education.

The Engagement and Success Project will provide sustained and targeted support to Faculties and Schools of Education across Australia to continue to focus on and engage with the goals of the MATSITI project within the recommendations of the Behrendt Report.

The aims of the Engagement and Success project are to:

  • improve the engagement and success of Aboriginal and Tones Strait lslander students undertaking initial teacher education programs; and

  • close the gap in retention/graduation rates for Indigenous and non-lndigenous students.

Planned ACDE activities and outcomes include:

  • Establishment of communication network of relevant staff in Faculties/ Analysis of Institutional Action Plans and baseline data
  • a National forum to showcase significant change stories and models of effective practice.
  • Review of evidence and sharing of strategies shared; emerging issues addressed; 2015 plans refined.
  • Refining of institutional plans by ACDE and participating institutions based on review and early evidence.
  • Implementation of the revised plans  during the subsequent 5-6 months of 2015.
  • Website of resources established and widely promoted;
  • National meeting held to assess further progress and changing contexts; share best practice and related resources; evaluate processes and progress to date and plan for 2016.

The Engagement and Success national initiative is supported by MATSITI and builds upon the 2012-13 Participation and Completion project and will conclude in October 2015.

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