Staff and students from the Tunapri teaching program
Staff and students involved in the latest tunapri teaching program, organised by the University of Tasmania.

University of Tasmania logoTasmanian high school students have recently visited the University of Tasmania for a program that aims to increase the number of Aboriginal teachers.

Held over two days, the program, called tunapri teaching, included seven Aboriginal students from high schools around Tasmania learning about their culture, the education system and the need for Aboriginal teachers to combine the two.

The program was developed in a community context, with Elders, educators, artists and parents working with staff from the university’s Faculty of Education.

  Story courtesy of The Koori MailRead the full article (PDF)Koori Mail logo

  See also an article from The Examiner – Program encourages Indigenous youths to teach (PDF)

The tunapri teaching program is supported by the MATSITI Project and runs until the end of 2015 – see earlier posts about this program.

‘Tunapri’ means  ‘to teach, to know’ in Palawa-Kani language.


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