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An inaugural gathering of Indigenous teachers from Catholic schools in NSW will be an opportunity to share stories about their experiences as Indigenous teachers, as well as providing professional learning on mentoring.

Themes to be explored will include the value they add as Indigenous teachers and the barriers and challenges they face when seeking employment.

The knowledge shared at the gathering will be used to ensure that current and future support mechanisms for Indigenous teachers are as appropriate as possible.

The gathering is a project of the Catholic Education Commission of NSW (CECNSW), with the support of MATSITI.

Additionally, the CECNSW will offer internships for Aboriginal Education Workers in their final year of teacher training. The successful undergraduate teachers will be paid to teach in a school for one term during their final year of tertiary study, in order that they can experience teaching before they have a classroom responsibility.

Both these initiatives are supported by MATSITI following a call for expressions of interest in July 2014, and will conclude at the end of 2015.

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