Photo of Chris Day in Antarctica
Chris in the Antarctic

Story courtesy of Make A Difference. Teach.

As part of the Outback To Icecap education program, Chris Day left the humidity of the Brisbane summer behind, in December last year, to travel to Antarctica. Chris was the only Indigenous mentor on the trip and Chris’s involvement started with an email about the program from his supportive school principal, who knew Chris was seeking promotion and development opportunities.

The Outback to Icecap expeditions are the world’s first indigenous youth leadership program in Antarctica, led by Australian adventurer Peter Bland, and in partnership with Yalari.

While Chris’s teaching background didn’t necessarily prepare him to survive and thrive in the world’s harshest environment, there were a number of teaching skills he took with him to Antarctica.

I have learnt things from teaching that came in useful, such as patience, flexibility, the ability to engage and be engaged, helping others to face fears during adversity, a communication skill-set, using higher order thinking, creativity and innovation.

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