Participant artwork 2014
Artwork created by Narelle Ryder, a participant in the 2014 project, to represent her learning journey

The Classroom Intensive Program from the WA Department of Education which is designed to assist Aboriginal Education Workers to obtain classroom experience while in their final year of a Bachelor of Education or Graduate Diploma in Teaching will be run again in 2015.

The Classroom Intensive Program  was introduced in 2014 and will continue in 2015.

Four existing Aboriginal Education Workers will be enrolled in the program which will aim to:

  • Increase their classroom readiness
  • Facilitate completion of their study commitments
  • Develop mentoring and coaching relationships
  • Increase their confidence and capacity as new graduates in the teaching profession.

The program will also inform Indigenous workforce reform through:

  • Boosting course completion rates
  • Indicating the level of support required for Education Workers to develop as “classroom ready” teachers
  • Assisting the retention of graduate teachers by increasing their professional capacity and resilience.

This initiative is supported by MATSITI following a call for expressions of interest in July 2014, and will conclude at the end of 2015.

MATSITI also supported the Classroom Intensive Program in 2014 – to read an article from a participant in the 2014 project, please see Aboriginal teachers become classroom ready, on the WA Department of Education website.

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