Presentation by Phil O’Loughlin, Executive Director,

SA Department of Education and Child Development

Key Directions and Doorways to Success

DECD Aboriginal Teacher Workforce: Key Directions and Doorways to Success

This presentation at the MATSITI National Conference in July 2012 provides an overview of the systems approach to attract, retain and develop Aboriginal teachers within the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development.

The Executive Director of Human Resources and Workforce Management, draws the analogy of keys and doors to explain how the quality teacher agenda is raising the standards for Aboriginal teacher selection.

A number of programs are identified as doorways to success and the challenges of attracting and retaining Aboriginal teachers (the revolving door) has lead to innovative programs to address workforce needs. Fresh ideas, evaluative processes, strong Aboriginal voice and an Open Door Policy are strategies identified to increase the number of Aboriginal teachers and leaders retained in the DECD.

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