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Project lead: Catholic Education Northern Territory (CENT)

Project funding:   $50,000 Round 3   2014

CENT provided considerable in kind support for this two year project, conducted from 2014-2015, including funding the program coordinator for 2015 and supporting the English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) and ICT education officers. The program builds on CENT’s successful partnership with Charles Darwin University to deliver the onsite Growing Our Own teacher education program in schools in five remote locations. Graduates from the program are supported by the program coordinator to transition from assistant teacher to full teacher registration through mentoring, establishing networks and providing ongoing professional support.

While the program was implemented in three of the five locations, it is on the agenda of the other two as meeting a recognised need. The teachers were asked to identify, in consultation with their principal, their own professional learning interests and the mentor program was tailored to each individual accordingly. A total of 16 teachers were supported under the program.

The program managers were flexible in their approach and accessed support from a range of sources to meet individual needs including Catholic Education staff, university staff, school curriculum coordinator and experienced teachers.

MATSITI evaluation conclusions

The opportunity to develop and implement the program with MATSITI funding has raised the employer’s awareness of its responsibilities to early career teachers. Learnings from the program have contributed to its sustainability by developing CENT staff’s commitment to continue it.


This project has taken into account the challenges for Indigenous teachers in the remote context and has recommended the establishment of a strong network which understands community leadership expectations of these teachers.

Project contact: Sharon Duong, Deputy Director Teaching & Learning, Catholic Education NT

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