Presenter Tammy Edwardson from DECD
Presenter Tammy Edwardson from SA DECD

This workshop presentation from the recent MATSITI National Conference focused on the complex, intense and unpredictable nature of teaching and identifies the conditions that assist early career teachers to build resilience for longevity in the profession.

The presentation  covered topics such as: personal well-being, emotional and professional networks, appropriate induction, self-reflection, teacher identity, collaborative teams, innovative curriculum, accessing resources, restorative justice, debriefing and goal setting.

Early Career Teachers: teaching, driving and other adventures


Workshop Presenter

Tammy Edwardson, Strategy Policy Officer, Aboriginal Attraction and Retention
SA Department of Education and Child Development

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Resilience and Early Career Teachers Research

Early Career Teacher ResilienceThe University of South Australia along with partners at Edith Cowan University and Murdoch University are researching the personal characteristics and conditions that contribute to the success of early career teachers.
This work has produced ‘A Framework of Conditions Supporting Early Career Teacher (ECT) Resilience (Johnson, Down, Le Cornu, Peters, Sullivan, Pearce and Hunter, November 2010).

The framework refers to 5 domains that serve as timely reminders of aspects to be considered when supporting Early Career Teachers:

  • Relationships
  • School Culture
  • Teacher Identity
  • Teacher’s Work
  • Policies and Practices.

Further details about the research can be found at :


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