Workshops like these provide rare opportunities for all education jurisdictions to meet and combine our considerable talents in the pursuit of excellence…to contribute to the success of the project as a means for closing the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in education and employment for years to come.

Professor Peter Buckskin, MATSITI Project Director


Leading educators across all states and territories and sectors  met at the David Unaipon School of Indigenous Education and Research (DUCIER) today to begin planning the MATSITI Initiative.

Professor Peter Buckskin
Professor Peter Buckskin

Workshops  were led by senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators around the following themes:

  • research demographics
  • recruitment
  • retention
  • career development
  • marketing and promotion
  • current gaps

Participants attended from government and non-government school systems, universities,  national education agencies, unions and Indigenous education consultative bodies, along with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers from across the country.

Outcomes from the workshop will be incorporated into a 2012-2015 Project Plan available for consultation and review shortly.


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