Good Morning, Mr Sarra coverThe  true story of one teacher’s fight to turn the tide of low expectations for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Good Morning, Mr Sarra is a new biography launched today by leading Indigenous educator Dr Chris Sarra.

Good Morning, Mr Sarra is the story of the ordinary, yet extraordinary, life behind this vision. From his childhood as one of ten children in a country town, to the galvanising of his educational philosophy at university, to its support at a national level.

Now with his Stronger Smarter Institute, Chris Sarra is pursuing and achieving improved outcomes in literary, numeracy and attendance for Indigenous children across the country.

From his childhood as the youngest in a large Italian-Aboriginal family, Chris was taught to be proud of who he was and where he came from. But he only began to understand that not every Aboriginal child grew up with this sense of worth when he started working as a teacher. He became determined to defy expectations of being Aboriginal and, in doing so, to change them for others. His role at Cherbourg finally gave him a chance to put his philosophy into practice. Along the way, he battled the media, the education system and a culture of complacency.

Good Morning, Mr Sarra is the inspiring life story of a young boy from a country town who grew up to become Queensland’s Australian of the Year, a subject of ABC’s ‘Australian Story’ and one of the most outspoken and recognised educators in the country. His leadership institute and its nationally acclaimed ‘strong and smart’ philosophy, now used in many schools, means that Indigenous children no longer hope for a better education; they can expect it.

Foreword by Bishop Desmond Tutu

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