Keynote Address | Dr Chris Sarra

Dr Chris Sarra
Dr Sarra at MATSITI conference, July 2012

Director, Stronger Smarter Institute
MATSITI National Conference
Yamaiyamarna Paitya | Teachers are deadly!
Adelaide, 10 July 12012

How will you be remembered as a teacher?

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In his keynote address at the MATSITI 2012 National Conference, Dr Sarra tells the story of his career and explores the power and magic of the teaching profession.

Everyone, regardless of how old they are, will remember a  teacher from some time in their lives.

They will also remember whether that teacher made them feel good about who they were, or made them feel worthless.

Dr Sarra invites us to reflect on our own experiences with good teachers and bad teachers, and contemplate one very important question for all teachers:

How will you be remembered as a teacher?

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Also see the associated workshop presentation by Dr Sarra, covering the Stronger-Smarter philosophy and strategies, identity, overcoming negative perceptions of Aboriginal students and the need for high expectations in schools.

2012 workshop presentation by Dr Chris Sarra, Director, Stronger Smarter Institute

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