Project lead: University of South Australia

Project funding: $5,000   Round 3   2013Promotional link to video from home page

This project aimed to increase the numbers of Indigenous people enrolling in the University’s teacher education programs. The development of the video clip was part of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategic Plan for the School of Education, which focuses on increasing Indigenous staff numbers, increasing the numbers of Indigenous students in higher degrees, professional development for academic staff concerning Indigenous knowledges and integrating resulting learnings into their courses to reflect the Australian Professional Teaching Standards.

Project assets

MATSITI evaluation conclusions

The video is professional and attractive with Indigenous teachers telling their stories.


There is real value in involving Indigenous people in projects for which they are also the target audience.

Project contact: Associate Professor Victoria Whitington, Associate Head of the School of Education, University of South Australia

Video to promote the School of Education to Indigenous Australians project report »

Video announcement »

UniSA Principal mentoring pilot for teacher education (original) project announcement 2014* »

MATSITI Evaluation Final Report »

* Note: the original project was replaced by the welcome video for home page project.


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