Indigenous Teacher Education in Community: #ourmobteach presentation by Charles Sturt University

CSU Student TeacherThe Indigenous Teacher Education in Community Program is an initiative of Charles Sturt University to support Indigenous students from rural and remote New South Wales to become fully accredited, high quality teachers.
Students are enrolled in the mainstream Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood and Primary Course through the Dubbo campus. This presentation looks at challenges faced by students in the areas of their readiness for tertiary education, subject delivery, progress and the critical affective aspects of finding a place in the University and building relationships with staff and students.
Transferable actions for future programs include attention to recruitment processes, student support and cultural literacy of staff and students.
Presentation at MATSITI #OurMobTeach national conference, 30 September 2015
Maria Bennet, Sophia Brown, Jennifer Crump, Rebecca Dodgson, Crystal Donnelly, Tracy Walford and Raylene Weldon, Charles Sturt University

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