Deadly alliance
NSW ‘Deadly Alliance’ of School Leaders, 2014

Two secondary school principals from NSW, with funding from MATSITI, are taking action to ensure that more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers move into Executive Leadership positions in NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) secondary schools.

Mr Adrian Bell, Principal of Monaro High School and Mr Peter Macbeth, Principal of Moss Vale High School have developed a model of mentoring and coaching that will include:

  • Identifying mentors from within the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council (NSWSPC) and NSW  Deputy Principals’ Association (NSWDPA).
  • Training Indigenous Principals and Executive in formal executive training.
  • Fostering Career Development Plans (CDPs) for all Indigenous NSW secondary teachers and Executive.
  • Gaining committment from key NSWDEC, NSWSPC and NSWDPA personnel to a long term implementation strategy.

Monaro High School Less Talk More Action project report »

Less Talk More Action project evaluation summary »


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