Photo of Prof Paul Hughes and Prof Peter Buckskin at Parliament House
Prof Paul Hughes and Prof Peter Buckskin at Parliament House, Canberra.

Professor Peter Buckskin and Emeritus Professor Paul Hughes appeared before the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs, on Thursday 17th March.

They presented a case to the Committee that the MATSITI project should be extended beyond March 2016, in view of the significant contribution MATSITI has made to the inclusion and advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the teaching profession.

Emeritus Professor Hughes has played a major advisory and research role in the MATSITI project, as part of the team under MATSITI Director, Professor Peter Buckskin.

From Professor Buckskin:

Over four years, we have engaged with over 1,000 Aboriginal teachers, school leaders and aspiring teachers who want to join the profession, who are all making a difference in their systems and in their communities. We are absolute in our belief Aboriginal teachers are essential to building a more culturally responsive school environment.

View the full text of the submission in the Hansard record


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