Tagai State College Graduates 2010

Judith Ketchell, Executive Principal of Tagai State College in the Torres Strait shared insights into the growth and leadership of staff and students in her school:

  • 18 communities covering 48,000 square kms
  • a multi-campus school of 1650 students, 96& who are Torres Strait Islander or Aboriginal
  • provision of education  from Prep to Year 12 to PrePrep (3.5years) to TAFE (adulthood)
  • a staff profile of 51% Indigenous members – 400 employees including 181 teachers

Judith outlined the YUMI way of building capacity for our people and honouring strong cultural values.

Tagai State College embodies the elements of an excellent school – high expectations for learning and teaching, strong leadership, innovation and deep community engagement.

Navigating to a successful school future

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ConstellationTorres Strait Islanders are seafarers, using the stars to charter our course.
Tagai State College builds on this practice, reflecting on the Tagai constellation’s movement across the sky, to navigate towards a successful future. We believe in the potential of our young people and the combined leadership strengths of our staff.
Learning from the experiences of the past, we will continue to revolutionise and strengthen Tagai’s trademark design of education and training – the YUMI way.
Tagai State College celebrates our strong partnerships with the Nation’s people and place. Together, we will herald a new era in education and training, one in which the Torres Strait community will lead the college to national and international excellence. We believe in working as one team, one song, one ginar –  because we know that the YUMI way – the right way,  the only way – works.



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