Teacher reading to class

Applications are now open for up to 80 Teacher Education Scholarships for Aboriginal people, on offer from the NSW Department of Education.

Sonia, Teacher Education scholar –

I thought it was important to apply for the Aboriginal teacher scholarship for numerous reasons, it gave me security, it gave me confidence as an Aboriginal women to be able to teach in the education system and I felt supported by that. If you’re thinking of taking on a scholarship, apply now, take it and run with it. The opportunity is there. It’s a fantastic opportunity, you get paid for studying and there is a full-time position at the end of it, which is security guaranteed. I’m here in my classroom, doing what I love.

Testimonial courtesy of the NSW Teach website.

A scholarship gives you $5000 per year of full time study, plus $3000 appointment allowance and a permanent teaching job.

Check your eligibility on the NSW Teach website.

Applications  close 18 September 2015.

For more about the impact of the NSW Teach programs see our post from September 2014 – 1000 Indigenous teachers employed in DEC

Further details on 2015 study and scholarships are available from www.matsiti.edu.au/ourmobteach15




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