Retention and graduation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in initial teacher education – a preliminary discussion of the research

Jo Lampert and Bruce Burnett, Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology

While the need to increase numbers of Indigenous teachers has been highlighted for many years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers are still significantly underrepresented in Australian schools.

This session workshops MATSITI research in-progress on Indigenous teacher education across Australia.

The presentation reports on an initial literature review including analysis of over twenty policy documents and government reports as well as web-based descriptions of historical and current models of Indigenous teacher education including both mainstream Education programs and cohort-based and community models.

Also presented is some quantitative research around Indigenous teacher education along with insights gained from initial interviews.

While the data provide examples of successful models of Indigenous teacher education it also illuminates the longstanding and interrelated factors that continue to impact on the success or failure of teacher education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

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