A photo of Rosie Whitehead
Queanbeyan teacher and community stalwart Rosie Whitehead. Picture: Keira Jenkins

Three decades ago a young Rosemaree Whitehead saw firsthand blatant racism that was to change the course of her life – and that of many others.

Appalled by what was happening at the Griffith, southern NSW school, where she was a junior Aboriginal education assistant (AEA), the young Rosie decided to take action.

Rather than fight from the outside, the Gangalidda (north-west Queensland) woman made education her weapon of choice, using a specialised program at the University of Western Sydney to extend her qualifications and graduate as a teacher.

These days the now mother of three and grandmother of two is happily teaching at Queanbeyan, southern NSW.

“There have been improvements to the NSW education syllabus. I believe they’re on the right track.”

“But there’s such a great need for more cultural education. With things like the Stolen Generation, a lot of our people just don’t know their culture.”

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