Lois Peeler, Executive Director, Worawa Aboriginal College, Ann Baxter, Head of Teaching and Learning, Angela Ross, Literacy and Culture Teacher Worawa Aboriginal College

Recruiting and supporting teachers in the non-goverment sector

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A school owned and governed by Aboriginal people is in itself an anomaly. A school that provides a holistic education program based on Aboriginal values is extraordinary.

Worawa Aboriginal College is Victoria’s only independent Aboriginal school. Situated on Aboriginal land, Worawa is a boarding school that caters exclusively for Aboriginal girls.

With 30 years of educational experience, Worawa has developed a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of Indigenous education. The Worawa model pays attention not only to the effectiveness of the overall education provided but also to the recruitment, professional development, support and retention of teaching and non-teaching staff.   A Council of Elders oversights the culture curriculum and the College resident Elder provides cultural guidance to students and staff.

Kaurna hands imageThe workshop also included a  brief snapshot of the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA) Getting Started Program for Indigenous teacher education students with associated activities in South Australian independent schools. The workshop was presented by Helen Lambert from AISSA.


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