Declaration to Ministers by #OurMobTeach conference delegates

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Kaurna Shield
Kaurna symbol of leadership

Following the National MATSITI conference on 1 October, there was consensus among #OurMobTeach delegates:

  • to endorse the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy 2015-2018
  • seek recommitment of the Australian Education Council (Ministers) to a more equitable ratio of teachers to Indigenous students
  • call for an alliance of education and Indigenous partners to implement and monitor the Strategy
  • to support the first priority of the Strategy: Leadership, quality teaching and workforce development
  • to ensure a robust data, evidence and accountability framework
  • to continue the MATSITI alliance

Tarndanya Declaration (PDF)»

Delegate workshop recommendations for teacher education, employment and leadership development will align with this Declaration.

Feedback on the Declaration can be provided via:

  • email to
  • the comments or suggestions  form below [comments are moderated before publication]

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