Project lead: Catholic Education Commission NSW

Project funding:   $45,000   Round 4   2015

Under this program, three Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education workers (AIEW) were supported through a one term paid internship in the final year of their teaching qualification by mentoring. The program takes place within the Australian Professional Teaching Standards.

The program aims to enable participants to:

  • experience teaching before they have the responsibility of being teachers;
  • learn how to be a reflective practitioner with the support of a mentor;
  • articulate their understanding of the teaching standards as they relate to their practice; and
  • open doors to employment in Catholic schools with high Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student enrolments.

Three of the 11 NSW Catholic Education authorities are promoting teaching through the further offering of internships.

MATSITI evaluation conclusions

Clear articulation of the program’s benefits for participants and its conduct within the Australian Professional Teaching Standard are positive. As with many MATSITI projects, the project managers state that the project has led to an increased awareness within the organisation of the need to attract and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers and the benefits of doing this. A further benefit of the program is the support it provides while participants are studying at university, where attrition rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are high.


The Catholic Education Commission NSW would maximise the impact of this project if it were to influence its 11 authorities to work as a team and achieve greater synergies.

Project contact: Mary Senj, State Coordinator, Aboriginal Education, CEC NSW

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