ACARA logoThe Australian Curriculum sets out what all young Australians are to be taught, and the expected quality of that learning as they progress through schooling.

At the same time, it provides flexibility for teachers and schools to build on student learning and interest.

In 2008, the Australian education ministers agreed that a national curriculum would play a key role in delivering quality education and committed to the development of a Foundation to Year 12 national curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum is being developed initially in the areas of English, mathematics, science and history, followed by geography, the arts and languages.

The remaining learning areas focus on economics and business, civics and citizenship, health and physical education, design and the technologies.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is responsible for the development of the Australian Curriculum from Foundation to Year 12.

ACARA is represented on the MATSITI Working Party.

3 thoughts on “Australian Curriculum

  1. I see that ACARA and AITSL are represented on the MATSITI Working Party. But is MATSITI represented on ACARA committees or AITSL focus groups?

  2. As of July 2016 the new literacy and numeracy testing will be implemented and is compulsory for all graduating teachers are required to sit the test. I have read the testing needs to be done prior to graduation. Does that mean a person cannot graduate if they don’t sit the test?
    What happens if for what ever reason a person just wants to finish the degree and get the qualification but has changed their minds of becoming a teacher, Do they still have to do the test in order to receive their qualification?
    Also will there be any assistance for students who need the extra help to prepare for the literacy and numeracy test?
    Thank You

    • Hi Gerry. Answer may depend on your individual circumstances & whether your institution will graduate you without completing the tests. Teacher registration and employment as a teacher WILL require passing the tests. Assistance may be available depending on tutoring and other support available at your institution. There is a FAQ & email address for specific queries at

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