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In February 2014, the Australian Government established a Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group (TEMAG) to provide advice on how teacher education programmes could be improved to better prepare new teachers with the practical skills needed for the classroom.

The TEMAG review terms of reference include:Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group Issues Paper

  1. Pedagogical approaches;
  2. Subject content and
  3. Professional experience (practicum).

MATSITI leadership team appeared before the TEMAG panel and submitted a formal response to the panel on June 13 proposing five priorities for reform:

  1. Increased cultural diversity of education graduates
  2. Increased cultural knowledge and skills for all graduates
  3. Stronger School-University-Indigenous partnerships
  4. Evidence-based curriculum, pedagogy and cultural responsiveness
  5. Improved policy advice, co-ordination and accountability.

Download MATSITI response to teacher education review (PDF) »

TEMAG Issues Paper »

As a nation Australia values the central role of education in building a democratic, equitable and just society— a society that is prosperous, cohesive and culturally diverse, and that values Australia’s Indigenous cultures as a key part of the nation’s history, present and future.

Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young People, Agreed by all Education Ministers, December 2008


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